.Given the question of how SKY operates or what it does to the human energy system,
the answer would be total, holistic: it reactivates and redirects the Light vectors of the
System towards Unification.
From there, Mataji Shaktiananda and the Immortal Masters beautifully reveal the way in which the Kriya Science operates in the practitioner’s system.

It activates and redirects the DNA helices

Through the control and connection of the internal energy currents and the activation produced through the sounds of cosmic resonance, the SKY science produces a powerful reactivation effects of the DNA sleeping helices, energizing the photonic vectors associated with each helix and developing progressive contact with the levels of supraconsciousness. Of all the effects of Kriya on the Being, this the most important aspect, therein all other benefits derive. Talking about reactivation and reorientation of DNA is something very profound, which develops in its entirety as one advances through the SKY levels. DNA reactivation is the awakening of the Shakti Kundalini, illumination of the Chakras, activation of the superior bodies, etc.

SKY produces deep states of Serenity and Peace

The practice of SKY acts directly and rapidly on the mental and emotional frequency fields, which are responsible for the predominant dissociated and distressing states in the individuals immersed in the current dynamics of life. SKY produces very deep states of peace and inner serenity. As a consequence, all life activities, at the relationship and human performance levels improve markedly.

SKY Expands the Practitioner's Electromagnetic Field

Shiva Kriya Yoga, and some Kriyas specifically, are designed to preserve and expand the individual’s electromagnetic field, a fundamental aspect for the vitality of the Being and the gathering of cosmic information. We don’t talk about what we call aura here, but about the energy fields’ dynamics in their most complete vision. There have been warnings of the accelerated decompensation of electromagnetic forms on the planet. Each being must urgently develop a system capable of withstanding the ravages of this situation.

SKY activates interdimensional Photonic systems

Human beings possess a perfect Cosmic System, a fractal of the Manifest Universe with all its dynamics and forces. Although deactivated due to human experience itself, Kriya reconnects the system through the reactivation already described of the DNA helices, the Chakras and the potent Kundalini energy.

SKY activates Cellular Memory

Programs and patterns impregnated in cellular memory (karma) remain dormant from one incarnation to the next, unless they are activated through a system like SKY. Through SKY, all programs are activated, both light and dark programs. Some, to be boost and used in the present, and the others to be dissolved through the Kriya Yoga Fire, which consumes all negative traces in the Soul.

SKY dissolves Karma

The conscious practice of the Shiva Kriya Yoga science is the most powerful compendium of Light known to man to dissolve negative karma, which causes all limitations at all levels on this present life. Through karma dissolution the most sublime states of Self Realization are attained, as well as an earthly life of fullness and Peace.

SKY Activates the Shakti-Kundalini energy

The Kundalini is the matrix that unites us to the whole total system of the Being and the Being with the Conscious Universe. The constant practice of Kriya Yoga clears the active nodes that block the inner Light circuits, which allows the activation of the Shakti Kundalini energy so that it begins its ascent through the subtle channels.

SKY Recovers the Immortal condition

According to the Mother and the Siddhas, Immortality is nothing other than the preservation of the Being primary energy in its most optimal quality. It is a Divine Principle and the most exact quality of existence of the created Beings. It is the original condition of existence, which was forgotten and buried in the experiences of duality. Immortality has nothing to do with the preservation of the physical body, but with the preservation of the Consciousness information and its experimentation. Shiva Kriya Yoga activates in the Being the Light powers that lead him to retake in his cells the concept of the Eternal.

SKY Builds the Light Vehicle

The SKY System developed by the Mother Shaktiananda and the Mahavatar Babaji has the building codes of the Sacred Forms of the active Cosmic Body. Known in all the secret Teachings of mankind, the construction of the Light Vehicle is the final achievement of the Being, and is synonymous with Ascension, Realization and Illumination. The Mahavatar Babaji and the wise Siddhas revealed to the Mother the construction of the Vehicle and its total activation through the sacred geometry hidden in the Shiva Kriya Yoga Science, restored today through her conduit.

SKY Generates high frequency fields

As said by the Mahavatar Babaji, it is very difficult to maintain harmony and balance on these dual energy fields, which constantly invade us from different levels. It is difficult for an awake being to understand that our freedom as Souls is determined by our ability to counteract these influences. SKY provides the mechanisms that generate a high frequency magnetic field, which keeps the Being free from these influences.

SKY is the Primary Science of Realization

The Kriya Science is the ultimate and first knowledge for Self Realization as the sole purpose of Man. It is the first wisdom, which was later divided, distorted and persecuted. Subsequently forgotten due to man and his fall and now restored in times of the Transformation regency era.

SKY activates the transforming frequencies of Divine Consciousness

One of the secrets hitherto undisclosed of Kriya is its connection with the Divine Frequencies of transformation and dissolution of darkness. This aspect, given in Initiation, reconnects the Soul with the evolutionary spiral currents of the Universe that we inhabit, fundamental for all human beings, that live in space-time coordinates displaced from natural cosmic evolution.