Mother Shaktiananda has been designated to

establish and transmit Shiva Kriya Yoga,

the Teaching of the Mahavatar Babaji,

on the American continent,

from a completely renewed vision

based on new revelations for these times.

From the Divine Values School (DVS), a great effort has been made to transmit the richness of these evolutionary teachings. In recent months, a series of conferences have been organized in different cities of the world by Swami Shivananda, the main instructor of this Teaching, that have awakened a great interest in the conscious public.

In these talks, Shiva Kriya Yoga is revealed from different perspectives: from the development of consciousness through the modulation of DNA, virtual realities, to the hidden history of the Earth, among others.

We invite you to view these conferences that will undoubtedly mark your soul forever.



“SHIVA KRIYA YOGA: New Revelations from Mahavatar Babaji to Mataji Shaktiananda”

Today, when accelerated transformations are occurring in all areas of life, a new revelation of Kriya Wisdom is being offered through the Mahavatar Babaji and Mother Shaktiananda, the representative of this Sphere and Teaching in America, with the aim of bringing us the teaching of ascension and transformation for these times. Kriya Yoga is a wisdom that has been preserved for millennia by the lineage of Immortal Masters, for granting the access codes to the Superconsciousness, the highest evolutionary potential of the human being. Known by different names in different civilizations, it has been progressively revealed throughout history as a comprehensive knowledge that allows man to remember and realize his true purpose on this planet.

“The Immortal Masters: Guardians of the Superconsciousness”

There exist beings who have known how to decipher the rules of the cosmic game, to release karma and to exit the cycle of birth and death in order to reach immortal consciousness. Far from mysticism and breaking false paradigms, in this conference you will be able to learn more about those who for millennia have quietly inhabited this planet, safeguarding and contributing to the development of consciousness and the attainment of the highest potential of souls who are awakened and willing to achieve their purpose and reason for being here. The Masters are those who have reached the activation of the DNA of superconsciousness, and who fight against the tides of denial and forgetfulness of a humanity asleep in its negative karma.

“The Death of the Cosmic Human Being: The Oblivion of the Superconsciousness”

Collective human destiny has assigned itself to the oblivion of its cosmic memory, to the denial of its essential divine nature. Society, asleep in its unconsciousness, is an anonymous accomplice, witness to a devastating reality that today, clearly, is difficult to hide. Human purposes, for a small few, revolve around power, laziness, and the mere search for comfort; for the remaining vast majority, it is no more than a simple struggle for survival. Man has decided to deny his superconscious potential, not only in himself, but, as a collective. He rejects and condemns those who try to make him remember through exercising the higher forms of Light. This present is nothing more than a reflection of how man has moved away from the reach of his fullest potential, and only the memory of his real reason for living on this planet can give him back the possibility of transcending the unconscious human reality, to reach the superconsciousness that inhabits it.

“Shiva Kriya Yoga: The Dissolution of Karma and the Realization of the Being”

present? This conference is an invitation to discover the best kept secret of cosmic and human evolution. Come to know the keys to the perfect present and deepen your understanding of karma, to return once again to the fundamental purpose of human existence: to fully express the divine nature of our Being.

“Shiva Kriya Yoga: The History of the Earth and the Path of the Immortal”

We invite you to journey through part of the extraordinary history of the Earth, an adventure of evolution, of Light and darkness narrated as it has been revealed by the Immortal Masters to Mother Shaktiananda, the representative of the Babaji Consciousness in America.

We encourage you to discover how events that took place more than 10,000 years ago gave rise to the oldest known wisdom of Light on the planet, the one that deciphered the ascension codes of human DNA and fostered a new hope for Earth.

Enter a fascinating adventure in time, which will not take us to the past, but to the future, where a New Consciousness awaits, in South America, for the new awakening of the cosmic races.

Shiva Kriya Yoga: The Weapon of Freedom. Transcending the Control of Consciousness.”

In this conference you will come to know how the collective subconscious opposes the awakening and evolution of consciousness, how programs have been developed that keep the human being asleep. Learn the keys to begin to exercise a principle of true freedom in this world where the invisible controls everything that happens. Discover why Shiva Kriya Yoga has been given to the human being as a weapon for liberation from control.

Shiva Kriya Yoga and the Re-evolution of Consciousness. From Human DNA to Cosmic DNA.”

In this conference you will discover the cosmic nature of the Human DNA design and understand how the decoding of human DNA is part of the Primordial Wisdom of Ascension on the planet.


Access the resources and guidance of Light to activate inactive DNA and reach higher states of Consciousness.

“Releasing Fear. Love and Forgiveness, the Keys to Healing.”

Forgiveness is the highest form of Healing, and at the same time, one of life’s most difficult processes of Love.

Living in fear is not the only possible reality. Forgiveness, from a comprehensive vision of Psychology and Spirituality, is the most profound response that a being can give to achieve healing at all levels: from physical health to the full development of consciousness.

We invite you to discover how Forgiveness is the way to release fear and to heal what we do not know about ourselves, that which produces all the great afflictions of the human being.



“The Information Rebellion”

This conference is an invitation to reflect on how the empowerment of the individual and collective ego in social media has occurred in recent times.

Some of the most relevant topics that are addressed are: 

+ The Internet as a projection of the Collective Level of Consciousness.

+ The Internet and the unconscious.

+ How collective Karma is expressed via social media.

+ How communication networks deviate the Consciousness from the Primordial Purpose.

+ How to decipher the potential of virtual reality for the development of Consciousness.

Come to know the ways in which your highest potential has been limited.

Establish a connection with the Universal teachings that allow awakened human beings to break down vibrational barriers and reach higher states of consciousness.

“Shiva Kriya Yoga. The Science of Consciousness”

Discover the Science of Consciousness, offered once again today through the Mahavatar Babaji and Mother Shaktiananda, that allows man to remember his true purpose on this planet. 

It is the oldest knowledge available on the planet, a Millennial Wisdom that combines the Science of Being in this world with the Wisdom that reveals the primordial pathways of Ascension that allow the human race to reach states of Cosmic Consciousness.

Known throughout history, with different names in different civilizations, Kriya Science is a comprehensive knowledge that combines the knowledge and techniques of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Mantra, leading the practitioner towards the achievement of unique states of peace, balance and elevation.

There is much more you should know about your Light!

Mataji Shaktiananda

The Mother of the Encounter

About the Speaker

Victor Mayo Shivananda. He has accompanied Mother Shaktiananda on her spiritual adventure since 1999. Coordinator of the Teachings of the School Divine Values. Initiated as Swami Shivananda Paramahansa. He is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Cabalist, Vedic Code Investigator and Karmakhandi (Initiated in the Ritual Science of Veda). He has researched teachings and methods of healing through the guidance of Mataji Shaktiananda.

Written works: Collection of Initiatic Topics (2004); The Faces of God, an approach to the Deities of the Vedic Tradition (2006): Sacred Geometry (2009); Mantras the Sounds of Light (2010), Sacred Fire (2013), Shakti Ma: An Eternal Resplendence (2012).