Shiva Kriya Yoga


June 2024

“Have you heard my call?

Today I grant you the blessing of my name: BABAJI.

If you want, you can call me in you.”

The SKY Initiation 

In these times of intense transformation, in which thousands of souls have been able to awaken and lead themselves toward superior truths and the true purpose of life, it is essential to be able to access teachings of the development of Consciousness.

Initiating in Shiva Kriya Yoga means receiving an integral knowledge, revealed by Mataji Shaktiananda and Mahavatar Babaji, that contains profound proposals of transformation that are applicable to all areas of life, oriented towards the purification of the Being, and the attainment of plentitude and the elevation of consciousness. 

What is

Shiva Kriya Yoga?

Shiva Kriya Yoga is based on techniques of control and activation of internal energy currents, that propitiate the capturing of photons at the cellular level and the reactivation of dormant DNA, reorienting the soul towards Unification, the Realization of the Being, the purpose of life in the Universe.

In addition, it contains unique revelations of Realization Wisdom, from the secrets of the construction of the Light Vehicles, to the most profound truths about the history of the planet.

Upcoming Initiation

June, 2024

The Divine Values School (DVS) offers the Initiation in the SKY Teachings twice per year. The upcoming Initiation will be held on June, 2024.


Cuenca, Ecuador

The Initiation will be held at the Station of the Babaji Consciousness in America, that will receive all beings who are prepared to activate their paths of transformation and elevation of consciousness in this active portal located in the Ecuadorean Andes.

If you are interested in participating in the Initiation at the Ashram, select “In-person at the Ashram” when completing the registration form.



The SKY Initiation is carried out simultaneously in the 14 countries where the DVS Light Spaces are located. There, you will be accompanied by the Coordinators of each Center and will participate via the live broadcast of the Teaching from the Walkers of the Dawn Ashram. To see the list of centers and their contact information, click here.

If you are interested in participating in the Initiation at a DVS Center, select “In-person at a DVS Center” when completing the registration form.”


For those who reside in countries or cities where there is no Divine Values School Center, it is possible to receive the Initiation in your home through a live web broadcast. The online mode contemplates a very high vibration, as much as it would be presentially. Additionally, the DVS has configured a high quality digital platform that allows for the transmission and projection of the teachings toward all corners of the planet.

If you are interested in participating in the Online Initiation, select “Online Mode” when completing the registration form.

In the event that global circumstances require a review of the distancing and protection measures, the DVS will choose to carry out the Initiation, through prior communication, via the online mode only. This will not affect the strength and power of its delivery in any, given the morphic field of connection that is generated. To do so, the DVS has set up a high-quality digital platform, which allows the teachings to be transmitted and projected to all corners of the planet.

How can I participate?


The Sphere of Mataji Shaktiananda and the Mahavatar Babaji assume this loving call to the transformation of consciousness with immense responsibility, also understanding that, by superior laws, it is in these times when Teachings of Light are most needed to dissolve fear and invoke the higher frequencies in the consciousness of each being and in the collective.

In consideration of the current circumstances, to receive the SKY Initiation a suggested contribution, has been proposed, within a range from of USD as the minimum contribution to 154 USD (the normally established contribution) as the maximum contribution. Each interested party may, in this way, decide according to their possibilities the amount that they are able to offer.

In order to participate in the upcoming SKY Initiation, it is necessary to complete the SKY Initiation Request:

Once we have received your request, the SKY Online Team will contact you with further information and to complete your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Initiation?

Initiation is an ancient practice, which has always been part of the spiritual traditions of the East and the West. Through Initiation, the student activates his or her internal conduits of Light and receives the teachings of the Spheres of the Masters in an optimal manner, those that are necessary for undertaking one’s purpose of Light and Realization.

The Initiation in Kriya Yoga is based on the reception of a cosmic force of activation of the Light conduits. It is the connection with that force that makes the concrete practices and techniques of Kriya have the power to purify and elevate the Being to higher states of consciousness.

What does it mean to take Initiation in Shiva Kriya Yoga?

Initiating in Shiva Kriya Yoga means to know and receive the SKY Teachings, a comprehensive knowledge offered by Mataji Shaktiananda and the Immortal Masters, which contains elevated proposals of transformation applicable to all areas of life, oriented towards the purification of the Being, the reaching of the plenitude and the elevation of consciousness.

When is the next Initiation?

The Divine Values School offers Initiation in the Sky Teachings twice per year:

The next SKY Initiation will be held on June, 2024.

Is the Initiation a weekend course?

The SKY Initiation is not a weekend course, but rather a comprehensive proposal for the transformation of consciousness. From the Initiation, one becomes a student of the Divine Values School, passing through the 7 Circles of the SKY Teachings, which provide the synthesis of the Codes of Light and Ascension for this time in its entirety.

With the Initiation, the Spheres of Assistance are opened to the student and the recognition of their photonic code takes place, as one advances in the circles, it is progressively modulated and projected.

Is there any requirement to perform the Initiation?

Taking the SKY Initiation is an option that is always open to true seekers, those who really want to find answers and advance in the firmer activation of their principles of Light and Love.

The SKY Teaching is not associated with any religion, dogma or belief. It can be taken by any soul as long as one has a clear vision of Universal Spirituality.

The SKY Initiation is a path of profound transformation, destined for beings who have a real impulse towards the development of consciousness. Therefore, those interested in finding healing techniques or instructions oriented towards the management of superficial spirituality should not initiate in this path.

Does the Initiation require a contribution?

For the Initiation in Shiva Kriya Yoga, the Divine Values School proposes a suggested contribution, within a range of 72 USD / EUR  as a minimum contribution and to 154 USD / EUR  (the normally established contribution) as maximum contribution. Each interested party may, within this framework, decide, according to their possibilities, the amount that they may offer.

The General Coordination of the DVS has taken the current global situation into considerable consideration. Several scenarios and alternatives have been evaluated to provide clarity and honesty in consideration of the times and circumstances that are being experienced. Opening this range of contributions has been our conclusion and our sincere proposal, according to our own possibilities.

Normally, the DVS asks new students for a contribution of 154 USD / EUR for all that goes into the teaching weekend. Considering, furthermore. that it is not for the SKY Teaching that the contribution is requested, but for all of the logistical, human and technological expenses that the day requires. The Teaching of Shiva Kriya Yoga could hold no value, since it is undoubtedly invaluable and priceless.

It has been decided, on this occasion, in an effort to achieve a proposal of high ethics and equanimity according to the Higher Law, to open a range of contribution, leaving the decision of the possible contribution to the future student. We say that it is a highly ethical proposal because, on the part of the School, the minimum contribution does not cover the inherent costs of an Initiation, but it is the conscious contribution that the organization makes to facilitate the participation of the greatest number of people. On the part of the Initiate, it also requires ethics and honesty, regarding the evaluation of one’s alternatives, to offer the contribution that really expresses one’s material possibilities of supporting an effort of this nature.

Additionally, the DVS contemplates different forms of contribution, for example, commitment to collaborate in partial, and total exemptions, in the case of sincere interested parties who have no possibility of contributing at the present time.

Why is a contribution requested to receive the Initiation?

The myth of free evolutionary teaching

No Teaching of Consciousness can consider a cost since it cannot be measured according to material function. When speaking of a contribution, it refers to the coverage of logistics costs, the efforts of a human team dedicated to service, the development of teachings throughout years, digital teaching platforms, and the  maintenance of Centers and Spaces of Light.

The Initiation in Shiva Kriya Yoga has always contemplated, in its different aspects, a conscious contribution. Although the myth that spiritual teaching “should not” request retribution is widespread, this is due to a misunderstanding of the subtle laws of the flow of energy on this plane.

Kriya Yoga, in India, has always considered an economic contribution during the Initiation, under the concept of “Guru Dakshina”, which is a monetary offering to the Spiritual Master. This notion, in Vedic culture, is widely accepted and understood. However, in the western world a significant confusion has been created in this sense from the erroneous interpretations of the impossibility of combining spirituality in a harmonious way with the material. This is untrue, and it would otherwise be impossible for an organization like the DVS, which does not depend on patronage or million-dollar contributions like other spiritual organizations, to be able to maintain and sustain its purpose and mission.

When a person receives “free” spiritual teaching, rest assured that someone is paying for that gratuity. The School will never manage a greater economic interest, nor the intention of creating large spiritual holdings as there are many in the world, under the guise of false charity, or in creating forms of assistance to receive funds from states or private organizations. All of this contemplates a great etcetera that we are sure the reader of these lines intuits.

It is for this reason that the Divine Values School is a non-profit organization, which is not based on large contributions or donations made by other organizations or patrons, but on the conscious contribution that each student is able to make according to their possibilities.

Other details

During one’s studies in the School, a minimum monthly contribution is stipulated, which allows the maintenance of all the Teaching activities, spaces of Light and resources that are offered to the Initiates.

It is important to note that if a person, with a resolute and honest intention to establish himself in the Light of this Teaching, does not have the possibility of assuming this contribution, that will never be a reason to prevent one from advancing through the Teaching of the School. When presenting your case confidentially to the managers and coordinators, special considerations are established, and the ideal form of exchange and participation is agreed.

It goes without saying that this contribution operates in harmony with the subtler laws that govern all pure spiritual teachings, and responds both to the established logistical reasons and to the more profound forms of the flow of energy, the appreciation of the spiritual teaching, and the human being’s conscious offering to the highest purposes.

What Teaching content will I receive in the Initiation?

During the Initiation weekend, the student is introduced to the first Level of the SKY Teaching: the Circle of Fire, which offers knowledge of the techniques, tools and wisdom that will allow them to start working on the purification and reconnection of the internal photonic circuits, assisted by the Spheres of the Immortal Masters.

The Initiation of the Circle of Fire specifically contemplates four main sections:

1.  Areas of SKY Wisdom
2. Teachings of Revelation
3. Shiva Kriya Yoga Techniques
4. Fire Initiation


In the Circle of Fire of the SKY Teaching the student will be introduced to the following Areas of Wisdom:
– Shiva Kriya Yoga
– Surya Yoga (Solar Yoga)
– Mantra Yoga
– Homa Vidya (Sacred Fire)
– Dhyana Yoga (Meditation)
– Kriya Attitude
– Sacred Geometry

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The student in the Circle of Fire will receive fundamental knowledge that has been granted by the Immortal Masters with the aim of dissolving, with their codes of Light, the negative programs and false beliefs that each soul has accumulated throughout their lives in this planet.

Some of the topics covered are:
– The Ages and Cycles of Evolution.
– The chronological aspects of the Divine Manifestation and the Cosmic Regency.
– Ancient cultures of Light and darkness.
– The influence of other forms of consciousness on human evolution.
– The planetary vortices and the Shakti Kundalini of the Earth.
– The civilizations that have disappeared and their evolutionary experience.
– The birth of religions in the age of darkness.
– The ancient Sciences of Realization.
– Introduction to the Fundamental Evolutionary Laws.
– The field of experimentation and Free Will.

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The Science Shiva Kriya Yoga is taught in 7 Circles. Each of these levels possesses a specific Kriya System, revealed to Shaktiananda Ma by the Eternal Mahavatar Babaji. The design of these Systems obeys the progressive reactivation of the cosmic structure of the Total Being through the reorientation of the DNA helices and the configuration of the Ascension Vehicles, which is and has always been the primary purpose of Kriya Yoga.

The Circle of Fire System is composed of the following Kriyas and Mahakriyas:

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Based on the Vedic Tradition, the SKY Initiation is given through the granting of the Initiatic Mantras and Sacred Fire as the most powerful element of ascension.

Regarding the Initiation Ceremony, it is important to understand that it aims to express the events of Light that the Soul experiences in the higher planes, symbolizing them in the Physical Plane with the purpose of a profound impregnation taking place in the consciousness of the postulate. .

The fundamental aspect resides in its esoteric meaning: with the Initiation, the Spheres of assistance are opened to the student and the recognition of its photonic code and energy fields is given so that, as one advances in ones internal path, they are modulated and strengthened, responding to the highest Evolutionary Laws and assistance of Love.

The more specific aspects of the Initiation are reserved for the purpose of protecting the Emanation, and are revealed to the Initiate on the day of the Ceremony.

Why is the Divine Values School a school for the development of consciousness?

The Divine Values ​​School (DVS) is a space for the development of consciousness, based on the codes of evolutionary quantum wisdom that the Mahavatar Babaji and the lineage of Immortal Masters have revealed through Mataji Shaktiananda, so that the human being reaches the unified field of the Creator Consciousness.

The DVS is an internal path, based on instructions of love and realization of the Being, for the achievement of the state of Cosmic Consciousness projected for humanity.

The purpose of the School is to spread the SKY Teaching from the American continent, the place of the settlement of the new planetary consciousness, towards all beings, throughout the world, in a real search for transformation and evolution.

The Divine Values ​​School does not come from any known source to teach principles or notions already studied, nor does it offer something that is not known, be it a mystery or something that remains inaccessible to someone about something.

It is a foundation of successful spiritual journeys already given, which have only come so far through Mataji Shaktiananda, who has been able to advance fearlessly, without avoiding anything, along paths that have enriched her abilities to transmit a powerful and true line of light.

The Divine Values ​​School is a pure, renewed and naturally adapted focal point for these times of the establishment of the new consciousness, of the cosmic codes of wisdom and of the Divine Values, those that respond to the unique plan, and were delivered to humanity for the attainment of your individual and collective purpose of raising consciousness and the Realization of the Being.

Is the SKY Teaching established within any religion?

The DVS is based on the most sublime Vedic teachings (Sanatam Dharma), from which Mataji Shaktiananda recorded her repeated adventures of light, as well as the authority to exercise her Mastery of Consciousness. It does not respond to any type of religion, cult or dogma.

Kriya Yoga is not exclusive to a specific Master or Lineage, that is why those who claim absolute authority over this internal system of work ignore its Divine origin and the inherent goodness of this wisdom. However, it is appropriate to clarify that, although Kriya Knowledge is not limited to a single line of Masters, it is the Mahavatar Babaji who grants it to Beings who have achieved the complete activation of the DNA helices, that is, they have reached the state of Realization or Samadhi. Hence, this dispensation of Light must have the fulfillment of very firm Cosmic Laws, in order for it to be delivered in a perfect way and to be sustained without distortions as a consequence of the human exercise of lower consciousness.

What is the relationship between Mataji Shaktiananda and Mahavatar Babaji?

Mataji Shaktiananda is a direct disciple of the Eternal Mahavatar Babaji, and has been appointed from the Spheres of Light of the Immortal Masters to establish a new focus of the millennial path of Kriya Yoga in America, the primordial wisdom of ascension for the human race.

The Mahavatar Babaji is the one who has bestowed these techniques, projecting this wisdom throughout the centuries to his highest disciples. For almost three years, Mahavatar Babaji, in conjunction with the Mother, designed the Shiva Kriya Yoga system. The last circles of this Teaching, to which only the most advanced disciples have access, were projected to Mother Shaktiananda from the Sphere of Divine Consciousness.

Does initiating imply establishing a disciple relationship with the Masters or Guides of this Teaching?

Receiving the Teachings of Shiva Kriya Yoga does not commit the student to the Master-disciple relationship. Each student approaches the higher truths with the necessary gradualness and freedom.

If I want to initiate, what should I do?

You will find an Initiation Request Form on our website:

Once sent, we will contact you within 48 hours to provide you with more information and put you in touch with the Center in your country or the SKY Online team.

What happens after the Initiation?

Once the Initiation is completed, one then becomes a Student of the Divine Values School (DVS). In addition to the techniques and knowledge delivered during the SKY Initiation, you will receive SKY Instruction on a monthly basis, one of the teaching pillars of the DVS.

The SKY Instruction consists of a compendium of Lessons offered from the Consciousness of Mataji Shaktiananda and the Immortal Masters with the aim of complementing the passage through each level of the Teaching. The SKY Lessons are designed to reprogram the most deeply rooted aspects of our negative beliefs, promoting healing and clearing resources in all the energy fields of the soul.

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What are SKY Teaching Levels like?

The Initiation of the Circle of Fire is the first level of the SKY Teaching. The SKY Teaching contemplates a total of 7 Circles designed by Shaktiananda Ma and the Masters, to offer the synthesis of the Codes of Light and Ascension for this time.

Each Circle is transited in a period that can vary between six or eight months, except for the most advanced, whose study and work lasts twelve months. In each Circle two teaching books are delivered with a distance of four months between each one.

However, if a student takes longer to take the next Circle, they should not feel delayed, as the Kriyas are operating in their entire Cosmic Being. Babaji has said that only by performing the first Maha Kriya, can the state of the unified field or Samadhi be attained.

How can I learn more about Kriya Yoga and Mother Shaktiananda?

To learn more about Mother Shaktiananda we invite you to visit Mother Shaktiananda’s website:

In the book “Shakti Ma: An Eternal Radiance” you can learn about the adventure of Light of Mother Shaktiananda with the Immortal Masters, as well as the creation of Divine Values School (DVS) and extraordinary new revelations about the Plan of Light for America. Link:

To learn about DVS and its teaching you can visit:

– To delve into the Science of Shiva Kriya Yoga:

– We also invite you to subscribe to the DVS mailing list and social networks, to learn about the activities and the fundamentals of this Teaching of Light.







Shiva Kriya Yoga

Breathe freedom

“You are living great trials,
just as every soul that inhabits this planet.
Now, do you do it asleep or awake?
Although there are those who want you to fear breathing,
do not permit them.
Do not allow them to take away your breath.
Because breathing consciously is the greatest act of freedom that the soul can perform.
To breathe consciously is to defy all denial,
all fear, to reach the Light.
To breathe consciously is to orient each cell toward the infinity of the Being

Mataji Shaktiananda

Millennia ago, in moments of profound evolutionary crisis, beings of cosmic connection gave humanity a new opportunity. They descended into these planes, and decoded our human-divine genetic configuration, giving us an elevated quantum-evolutionary wisdom, the only one that would allow souls on Earth reach states of superconsciousness.

In these times of chaos and fear, control and confinement, this knowledge persists, more current than ever, under the guidance of those same Immortal Beings, guided by the Mahavatar Babaji, who do not give up in their effort to assist humanity, letting us know, with courage and determination, the reality that we are going through.

Transcending the false illusions of possible global learning that these collapse experiences will leave, far from quantum leaps that are enunciated and are not being achieved or will not be achieved, of complacent and negating messages of this difficult situation that has impacted us. Looking beyond the denying superficiality and confinement imposed through a sophisticated design of epigenetic fear, you should know that there are active responses of light, that come from Beings who do not want to be popular to the eyes of the public, who refuse this attempted domination planned with extreme caution by forces, that remain unknown to many.

From that place arise, awakened and active, those who rebel and decide to face these shadows with the highest conscious actions. Creating light, strengthening DNA with activation practices and methods, and not bending to inertia, fear, inaction and manipulation.

The internal mobilization of prana, the enunciation of light codes in the form of sound, the bringing of the senses to the dimensional portals of the soul, allows awakened beings to activate DNA to its highest potential, to receive emanations of superdimensional frequencies and dissolve blockages of negative karma.

Perhaps it seems that those sages of the stars gave us a very complex way of ascension, the only purpose for which we inhabit this world, but it was not so. All this extraordinary evolutionary knowledge is activated through the methods of conscious breathing, where the will, a virtue of the Being, takes the guidance of the breath and turns it into a unique resource of realization.

Conscious breathing is the most powerful weapon to achieve freedom.

The Shiva Kriya Yoga that the Mahavatar Babaji revealed through Mataji Shaktiananda is the quantum synthesis of wisdom and attainment of superconsciousness for this time.

Be a rebel
Breathe consciously.
Breathing is the weapon of freedom.