Starting from the Light Level, the student is introduced into the Kriya and meditations systems received by the Mother Shaktiananda directly from the Mahavatar Babaji. The student has prepared his energy system to start the work with the impact Kriyas and DNA reconfiguration.


Yogui Kriya is a preparatory Kriya for the practice of the Mahamudra. This Kriya activates the vital energy making it ascend without obstacle generating an activation of all the Chakras, fundamentally the upper ones. Its practice generates a powerful activation and oxygenation of the central nervous system. It works on Apana Vayu preventing its descent and allowing its assimilation. It produces a closure or energy seal of the system.


Agochari is a purification Kriya. It enables the generation of deep work to develop concentration and attention. It creates a powerful effect of adjustment and balance in the electrical activity of the brain leading it to alpha-zeta waves. In terms of subtle energy it promotes the activation of the mental body towards upper conduits.


Trinadi is a Kriya of balance and harmonization of the energy system and its hemispheres. His practice generates an impact on the main vital conduits of the Shakti Kundalini energy. It allows in principle the activation and balance of this Vital Force, and eventually makes it ascend optimally to the upper conduits.


The practice of this technique allows the development of contact and projection of the subtle energy in an adequate and harmonious way.


Vajra is considered one of the fundamental Kriyas in the teaching of Mother Shaktiananda and the Mahavatar Babaji. It contemplates the work with powerful energy closures (mudras and bands), which make up an internal circuit that concentrates photonic activity in the Central Channel. The descent of energy on the Practitioner’s Being System generates a powerful effect of the Photonic Force on the Nadis and Chakras system. This energy dilutes discordant Karma records and activates the system electrical and photonic currents. It is a Kriya of capturing Prana and opening of secret Chakra that are activated only through Initiation.